About Us

Carchem has an extensive range of car care products of the highest quality on the market, whether for the interior
is or for the outside, Carchem knows that attention to detail is of the utmost importance for your vehicle.

Unlike many car care companies, we formulate and produce everything ourselves, we think this gives us an advantage over
our competitors because we have the facilities and machines to achieve consistency, quality and versatility.


The Carchem products are unique and brilliant on every level. Manually produced from only the very best materials, natural oils, the highest
quality pharmaceutical waxing and prepared by authentic English craftsmanship. All Carchem products are specially designed for you, without that
you have to be an expert to make your car shine, without any effort, quickly and easily with an unsurpassed result.


CarChem is the result of our passion and is based on years of experience in the professional branch for cardetailing. We are a company that
each chemical develops, formulates and produces under its own management. Every item in our range meets our mission to be the very best product
to deliver on quality, durability and ease of use. They are thoroughly tested by our scientists in our laboratory and also
by professional retailers before they ever reach the market, to guarantee you proven results and unquestionable quality.